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Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS for 35 years with experience in all aspects of psychiatry including secure care.  My training included psychodynamic, group and systemic psychotherapies and I am a registered trainer and supervisor.  I have been the Medical Director of two Trusts and was Project Director of the Mental Health Institute at St Martin's College in Carlisle.  I am a past office-bearer of the European Brief Therapy Association.  I am Chair of the Dorset Trust for Counselling and Psychotherapy and former Service Director of the Family Counselling Trust in Dorset.

My book ‘Solution focused Therapy: Theory, Research and Practice’ was republished in 2011 and translated into Mandarin.  I am on the editorial board of two journals.  I previously supervised a research group in China.  I am the Scientific Advisor for the Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute.  My annotated bibliography of research literature on this site may be freely copied with acknowledgement.  I am co-author of a vocabulary book for backpackers and business travellers.

I have taught in the USA, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia as well as several countries in Europe.  I have special experience in the application of solution-focused approaches within mental health and with offenders.   Training workshops include solution-focused therapy, solution-focused approaches to mental health and organisational skills for finding cooperation in the workplace.

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In press / in preparation:

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